Finn-Santana Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Finntana
Intimacy Level: Friends
Started Dating: Hell-O, ended in The Power of Madonna
Dating Status: Friends, not dating

The Finn-Santana Relationship is the relationship between McKinley High alumni Finn Hudson and Santana Lopez. They are often referred to as Finntana. The interactions between these two are playful and flirtatious, mainly on Santana's end, as she expresses romantic interest in him in several episodes. She shares plenty of animosity with him in later episodes for reasons Finn does not understand until he finds out that she is a lesbian. This prompts Finn to call her out in the hallway to get back at her. However, once Santana is outed on television in I Kissed a Girl, he tries to help her embrace her sexuality and the two become friends.