Season 4, Episode 6
Air Date Novemver 15, 2012
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"The Role You Were Born To Play"
"Dynamic Duets"

Glease is the 6th episode of season four. It aired on November 15, 2012.

At NYADA, Kurt and Rachel are the dance studio taking about the musical when Cassandra comes in asking more questions. Rachel and Kurt tell her that their high school is doing a musical directed by Rachel's ex (Finn) and starring Kurt's ex (Blaine). Rachel is reluctant to go and risk seeing Finn again, but caves from Kurt's desire and Cassandra's offer. At McKinley, Rachel and Kurt have an awkward encounter with Blaine and Finn. Although they partake in small talk, Finn is happy to see both of them there. During the musical, the cast perform You're The One That I Want. During the number, Rachel has her own fantasy that she and Finn are playing Sandy and Danny. It also shows the first time Finn and Rachel sung this song in Pilot. When the musical is done, Rachel is the only one not standing for the ovation, and leaves to call Brody. When she does call, Cassandra answers where she gets even more emotional. When leaving the washroom crying, Finn comes up to her. Rachel tells him coming here was a mistake, but still came to support Kurt and Finn. Finn asks what she was crying about, wondering if it was him. Then he asked if was Brody, where he started to get bitter at her. When Rachel said that she didn't want to talk about it, Finn suggested cutting all ties together. No contact, no songs, no date on when she's returning, etc. Rachel agrees, not feeling the same way she was previously with Finn. When Kurt tells Finn that he wants to see him, he leaves with a simple "bye."

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