Kurt Hummel
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Birthday: May 27, 1993
Address: 415 Whitman Avenue Lima, Ohio 45802
Height: 5'11"
Occupation(s): intern, student
Family & Friends
Family: Finn Hudson (stepbrother)
Burt Hummel (father)
Carole Hummel (stepmother)
Relationships: Blaine Anderson (ex-boyfriend; in love with; sexual)
Chandler (former crusher)
Finn Hudson (former crush; ended; brother)
Sexuality: Gay
Boss: Isabelle Wright
Other Information
Interests: Fashion, music, Broadway
Clique: New Directions
Education: William McKinley High School
Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
Portrayer: Chris Colfer

Kurt Hummel is a main character on Glee. He is an alumni of William McKinley High School. Kurt is the first openly gay student to attend McKinley, and is also a former member of the New Directions, the Dalton Academy Warblers, the McKinley Titans, and the Cheerios. He currently lives with his best friend Rachel Berry in New York. Before season two, he was living alone with his father, as Kurt's mother died when he was eight.

In season two, Kurt transfers to Dalton Academy, due to being bullied by Dave Karofsky for his sexuality. It is at Dalton where he first meets Blaine Anderson. David was struggling coming to terms with his own sexuality at the time. However, he later returns to McKinley in the episode Born This Way. It is confirmed in Thanksgiving that him and Blaine are broken up.

Kurt Hummel is portrayed by two-time Emmy nominee and Golden Globe winner, author, singer, and actor Chris Colfer.