Season 4, Episode 3
Air Date Septmber 27, 2012
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"Britney 2.0"
"The Break-Up"

Makeover is the 3rd episode of season four. It aired on Septmber 27, 2012.

Rachel is made over and changes and she and Brody's relationship increases. When Brody and Rachel have dinner at Rachel and Kurt's NYC apartment, they start talking about secrets they never revealed, that are good. Rachel speaks about her first love letter from a guy named Tony at the age of 8, she says she grammatically corrected the letter and the spelling errors and Brody laughs, Rachel explaining she never told anyone, not even Finn.

Brody and Rachel then share a kiss and start making out, until the door knocks and Rachel laughs as Brody groans. It's Kurt, he always forgets his keys." Or at least that's what Rachel thinks, for when the door slides open, Finn stands there with a huge grin. Rachel, bewildered and confused. Brody gets up as Finn looks at him with confusion, then he understands what is happening and looks at Rachel, looking very upset.