Season 2, Episode 19
Air Date May 3, 2011
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"Born This Way"
"Prom Queen"

Rumours is the 19th episode of season two. It aired on May 3, 2011.

Finn and Rachel go on two stakeouts together at a motel where Sam is staying. Their first stakeout is to find out if Quinn is cheating on Finn with Sam. In Finn's truck, Finn admits that he can't trust Quinn, and therefore doesn't know why he is with her in the first place. They talk about karma, and Rachel asks Finn if he has given any thought to her duet ideas, but doesn't get his reply as they then see Kurt walk out of Sam's motel room, unnoticing that they are being photographed by Jacob Ben Israel at that moment. On Finn and Rachel's second stakeout, Finn says Quinn is so protective about her feelings, and that he always knows what Rachel was thinking. Rachel then smiles shyly, and then they see Quinn walk out of Sam's motel room and hug Sam. After seeing The Muckraker's report about Finn and Rachel being intimate, Quinn tells Finn she isn't cheating on him, and they both have to learn how to trust each other. They decide on their song in Glee Club, and sing their first duet I Don't Want to Knowtogether intensively. Finn is upset when she forbids him to sing a duet with Rachel at Nationals; he tries to argue, but Quinn leaves the room. Despite the fact that Quinn forbids them to sing together, Finn accompanies Rachel on the drums and they are seen smiling at each other during Rachel's performance of Go Your Own Way. Furthermore, Finn seems flattered when Rachel looks at him during the song. After hearing that Sam's father loses his job and his family loses their house, Finn and Rachel realize that they are wrong about Sam and they decide to go to Sam's motel room in order to help him. Finn and Rachel convince Sam to stay in the Glee Club, which shows that they care about Sam and the Club itself. In addition, Rachel and Finn demonstrate that they always work better together. They ultimately perform Don't Stop with Sam, Quinn and the rest of Glee Club.

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