• We already expect you to be following Wikia Terms of Use
  • No edit spamming to earn more badges/edits
  • Cursing must be watched, no more than 3 in a comment/blog post, or please censor your words by using *'s
  • Don't hardcore bash any character/ship/other
  • No bullying other users, which means no threats of any kind is not at all tolerated
  • Be fair
  • Don't argue with admins/chat moderators
  • Any inappropriate photos/videos will be deleted, and you will receive a warning. This also includes no inappropriate usernames
  • If you are commenting, you are allowed to have all capitalized letters, but you are not allowed to have all caps in your comment if you are purposely yelling at a user
  • No hacking
  • Don't bring problems from other wikias to this wiki
  • You cannot edit another user's profile page unless you have permission from the user
  • If you do not ship Finchel, do not do bash or say anything negative at all about Finchel. If you do this, you will receive an automatic ban, no exceptions. We will not put up with you and we do not tolerate this in any means

Bans and Warnings

Rules are set to be followed. If you break a rule, depending on which one, you will either get a warning or a ban.


  • Editing more than enough only to earn badges
  • Capitalized letters in comments/chat
  • Editing another user's profile page
  • Spaming
  • Abusing multiple accounts...

will all get you a warning. An admin will contact you via message wall informing you of your behavior. Three warnings will get you banned for a week or so, which ever the said admin chooses is right.


If you keep breaking the rules we set, you will be banned from this wiki. Three warnings will get you a ban. Bans can last from two hours to a year. If you're an admin or chat mod, you're position on this wiki will be stripped of you and you will also get banned for a month or so.

Immediate Ban

Some rules if you break including

  • Hardcore bashing
  • Bullying other users
  • Hacking
  • Trolling...

will get you an immediate ban. This means one of the admins will immediatly ban you from this wiki.

If you have problems with another user, contact Kira, Rylee, or Jackie.

This is a user and Finchel friendly wiki. We take bullying and inappropriate choices seriously.


  • No spamming
  • No bullying
  • No inappropriate language
  • You must have edited at least once to join chat
  • Do not bring other problems from other wikis to this wiki
  • Don't try to provoke others


  • Don't add false or irrelevant information
  • Don't keep editing just to get badges
  • Don't remove content from pages